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BarCamp Partner PSDC

BarCamp Penang Partner – PSDC

christian louboutin outlet yeezy boost 350 white If you are looking into career related to technology and industrial, then PSDC (Penang Skills Development Centre) will be your choice. It is a non-profit center reputed for being first skills industry-led training centre in Malaysia. It’s location is strategic within the free trade zone and has established strong connection with…

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barcamp sponsor delivereat

BarCamp Penang 2015 Sponsor/Partner – DeliverEat was founded in 2012 by Penangites who wants to bring conviences to customers while also providing varierty. Their humble objectives are to provide reliable food delivery to client and at the same time assist restaurants in managing delivery manpower management in an affordable and convenient way. offers unparalleled on-time delivery services, guaranteed food quality…

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barcamp sponsor dreamcatcher

BarCamp Penang 2015 Sponsor – DreamCatcher

DreamCatcher is a global consulting company that provides technical training to the electronics industry. With two training centres in Penang, they are the right place for you to build invaluable skills that lasts for a lifetime. Having developed more than 300 technical courses, they also collaborate with other technology partners to ensure everyone’s learning experience are…

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BarCamp Penang 2015 Sponsor – Unity3D

Unity3D is a platform that caters to the development of games in various consoles and mediums with their state-of-the-art technology. They are a perfect fit for game developers who wish to create games that look lush and detailed enough to match the rising standards of gaming visuals and ultimate user experience, like some of the images…

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BarCamp Partner GurlStudio

BarCamp Penang 2015 Partner – GurlStudio

GurlStudio is a Penang-based company that specialises in graphic design and media development, as they pride themselves as “life” creators. Indeed they are, when you take a good look at their visually stunning works. If you are in need of assistance in forming the backbones of your website and make it more attractive, do not hesitate…

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BarCamp Sponsor Intel

BarCamp Penang 2015 Sponsor – Intel

Intel Corporation is a multinational technology company headquartered in Santa Clara, California of US. Being an MNC, they also have a huge local presence in Bayan Lepas, Penang. They are one of the world’s largest chip makers, having pioneered the x86 microprocessors found in many personal computers. Image credit: The company has also been responsible…

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barcamp public speaking

4 big ways to empower yourself in effective public speaking

It’s BarCamp. You have something you love to share. But you are afraid. Afraid of speaking to a crowd. Public speaking – now that’s a term most of us will shake to in anxiety. Although mankind has always been communicating with each other in large groups since the beginning, it’s become less of a natural and…

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barcamp sponsor psc

BarCamp Penang 2015 Sponsor – Penang Science Cluster

Penang Science Cluster (PSC) is a non-profit organisation with a mission to spark interest in science and technology, create a culture of innovation and entrepreneurship among our young in Penang and Malaysia. Any individual or organization who wishes to conduct workshops at their Science Cafes are welcomed too. PSC’s main initiatives are: 1.Tech Mentor Program…

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BarCamp Statistic infographic

[Infographic] Past BarCamp Penang Statistic

Although BarCamp is an international network event, and it has been organised every year since 2009 here in Penang, I believe there is still a number of people who have not attended a BarCamp before. Many had also asked us about suggestion of topic participants can share during BarCamp, although it is mentioned that BarCamp is flexible and…

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barcamp sponsor vitrox

BarCamp Penang 2015 Sponsor – Vitrox

ViTrox Technologies is a Penang, Malaysia based company that specialises in designing and manufacturing automated vision inspection system and equipment testers for the semiconductor and electronic packaging industries. Their core products are Machine Vision System (MVS), Automated Board Inspection (ABI) and Electronics Communication System (ECS).The name Vitrox reflects the core business of the company which is…

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